School Clubs


Teacher Club Open To Day Time Venue
Mrs Dukandar Arts & Crafts Club Yr R, 1, 2 &3 Tuesday 12.30-1.00pm Y1 Classroom
Mrs Parveen Cooking Club Yr R, 1, 2 &3 Monday 12.30-1.00pm Recp Classroom
Miss Timmins Nasheed Club Yr R, 1, 2 &3 Wednesday 12.40-1.00 pm Y2 Classroom
Miss Daniels Mindfulness Club Yr R, 1, 2 &3 Thursday 12.30 –1.00pm Y3 Classroom
Miss Begum Debate Club Yr 4,5 & 6 Wednesday 1.30-2.00 pm Y4 Classroom
Miss Nanabawa School Council School Council members Tuesday 1.30-2.00pm Y6 Classroom
Mrs Z Patel Science Club Year groups nominated once a week Thursday KS1: 12.30-1.00pm
KS2: 1.30-2.00pm
Nominated Classroom

French Club: details to be confirmed