Magical Maths: Mind Boggling Puzzles

This week we had some Mind Boggling puzzles and super fun games. These things can be so tricky that we had more than a few students asking "is this even possible?!?!"...

They definitely are though. You just have to do a bit of 'Magical Maths' thinking. Here's the lowdown...

You Win!!

For this game we dot numbers around the room and children choose one to stand beside. We then throw our big, foamy dice in the air and if it lands on your number win! This is a great strategic game, which the children LOVED! :) Children collect points throughout the duration of the game.

Line Up & Pairs

For these two activities, children have to work with number up to 20. In one activity, children must close their eyes while a mystery number is removed from a mathematical sequence. Children must open their eyes and figure out the missing number.

In the second game, children are each dealt 1 or 2 cards. A 'target number' is called out, and students have to find a partner who has a number that combines with the number on their card to reach the target.

Guess My Shape & Shape I Spy

For Guess My Shape, students have to draw a shape on a piece of paper and keep it hidden from the children they're playing with. The children, with the help of our 'shape description card', have to identify the chosen shape using clever questioning.

For Shape I Spy, children have to pick a shape from an everyday object around the room (e.g. the light in the ceiling might represent a circle). They say the shape out loud, and their friends have to find the object that fits that shape.

We've really enjoyed this week. We hope the children have too. We CANNOT WAIT until we're back next week.

See everyone then,
Tom Ward
Head of solving reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeally hard puzzles.

P.S. - Next week is our last week! There is a tear in my eye as I write this note.

P.P.S. - I know, I know, it's sad, but all good things come to an end, and we will be back hopefully sometime in the future.

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