Magical Maths: Wizard Potter

There was mind-reading, fun & games from a certain wizard called Potter, and our 'Maths Cauldron' game this week.

This week was another cracking week of magical maths. in fact, this week was PARTICULARLY magical, as we had a guest appearance from our very own Mathemagician. He had a totally amazinggger of a time with the children, and taught them some really exciting stuff!

The Magician Booklet

This week, the children did the Mathemagician Training Booklet. Here's what it looked like.

This booklet will train them how to perform some of the Mathemagian's maths tricks. It features some timeless classics such as 'Think of a Number' and the 'Answer out of a Hat Card Trick', and also our personal favourite 'Think of an Animal'.

Repetition, along with a bit of showmanship, are what the mathemagician prescribes for making these tricks super slick.

Maths WHIZZards

The second activity this week features some super fun 'maths showdowns' in our Maths WHIZZards game (based on a scene from a famous film about young whizzards!). Children had to test their speed of calculations in this game. We use different questions depending on age group, but fractions was the focus of the questions.

Magic Dice

A game featuring two 12-sided dice, and three 6-sided dice. The children get split into teams, and each team rolls their 12-sided dice to create their 'target'. Using the number they then roll from the 6-sided dice, children can use add, subtract, multiply, divide and even powers (for the older children) to equal their target. There's an opportunity for strategic thinking here, and problem solving - which is fantastic!

A magical week that's for certain, please let us know what you thought, we love to hear from you and we do read all emails.
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Tom Ward

P.S. - Next week we have a visit from the Olympic Mathletes to do some sports and games. No P.E. kit necessary, but an Olympian attitude DEFINITELY is!

Magic Maths