Year 2: Current Work


This term our Year 2 class have been looking after eggs, which hatched into chicks in our care. This was done to add the “awe, wow and subhanallah factor” to our science lessons.

We sourced the eggs from our local St James Farm during the summer holidays.

Here they are in an incubator. This part is crucial for the development our chicks. We had to keep a special eye on the humidity level and the temperature.

The chicks were predicted to hatch on the 20th of September. The children came in every morning and checked on the progress of the eggs. We had a countdown calendar in the classroom where the students would cross a day at a time. This helped them gain an understanding of time and taught our children patience

Look what happened!

The first sign of the hatching process began on the morning of the 20th September. This was exactly 21 days after the eggs were laid.

By the afternoon, we could see the progress the little chicks had made. The children grasped the idea of how hard the chicks had to work to hatch out of their eggs.

By late afternoon, we finally met our chicks. It was most definitely love at first sight.

We will keep you posted on how our little guests are getting on in our year 2 family.

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