Year 2: Curriculum Support

Term Objectives

Every term we have very specific termly objectives. These will link together so that your child has a broad and detailed understanding of the different topics and subjects. I hope to share these with you throughout the year.

Term 4

Term 1

Supporting your child’s phonic development

When your child starts school, phonics becomes a big part of everyday life, transforming them from a non-reader to a child who is capable of reading fluently and spelling (mostly!) accurately by the end of Year 2.

Here some links that I feel will help them.


Common Exception Words

100 High Frequency Words

Adjective Word Bank

AANV Framework

Reading Text and Inference Questions

Extra Challenge for the holidays

I have attached some SATs papers below. You may practice these papers and use them to see how well you do between level 2 & level 3 type questions. Remember these papers are optional.

I also include a link to the Teachers Guide which will help you take your child through the first 5 oral questions.

Level 2 SAT's (please navigate to page 13 of the teachers guide titled "Working through level 2 oral questions")

Level 3 SAT's (please navigate to page 30 of the teachers guide titled "Working through level 3 oral questions")

Have fun!