Year 2

Year 2


Dear Parents and Carers,

I would like to welcome you to our Year 2 class. I am really looking forward teaching your children this academic year, it is sure to be an exciting journey for all of us in Year 2. In addition to me, your children will also be receiving support and guidance from Mrs Arefa Patel. Together we will do the best possible job we can to make sure that your children are always learning, laughing and growing together.

Year 2 is an important year for learning; it is the year when children should become competent and confident in all areas, but particularly in reading, writing, maths and science. To ensure that your child becomes the best that they can be, it is important that support in all these areas is being provided at home as well as at school. This may include: listening to your child read at home, helping them with any homework or just simply singing the alphabet or times tables with them before bed.

To find out more about your child’s journey through Year 2 class, please click here for your Welcome Pack.

I would like parents to know of their child’s learning journey through Year 2, please take the time to read the, Curriculum Overview.

Kind regards,

Mrs Khan


PE - Monday

Homework - given out on a Friday, due in on a Wednesday (if your child does not complete their homework 2 weeks in a row they will have to do so in their free time at school. 

Spellings - your child will have a test every Friday. They will be given a new set of spellings to learn in their Home Spelling book. Please ensure they bring this in every Friday so we are able to mark which spellings your child still needs help with.

Each child has their own reading day - if a child has not read or has forgotten their book, they will not be able to read that week.