Year 4: Previous Work

Reading Journals

This term Year 4 are showing off their reading journals. Reading is a key skill we promote at Al-Ashraf Primary School. We use reading journals as a way to channel these skills and our children live up our very high expectations. We would like to display some of the exceptional work of our pupils who have put in 110% effort.

Reading Journal

Reading Journal

'Why is Al-Ashraf the best primary school in the country?'

Here are some of the reasons why Year 4 think it’s the best:

Aaisha Cerine Jamal Sadiq
Abdur Rahman Habeebah Khaleel Sulaiman
Adam Hamza Mohammed Umair
Adil Hasna Musab Uzma
Ali Haudane Rayhan Yousha
Asiya Ibrahim Ruqayya  

Anglo Saxon

As part of their Design and Technology, Year 4 have been working on Anglo Saxon dwellings – click here to see what they got up to.


In year 4 we have been studying teeth, click here to see what we found.