Year 5: Previous Work

Constructing 3D Shapes

We had great fun constructing 3D shapes using jelly beans and cocktail sticks. We then described each shape according to their properties by using key words such as edges, vertices, faces, nets, plan and elevation. The best part of the lesson was when we got to eat the jelly beans at the end of the lesson.

Y5 Constructing 3D Shapes

Y5 Constructing 3D Shapes

Y5 Constructing 3D Shapes

Y5 Constructing 3D Shapes

Early Islamic Civilisation

Last term year 5 and year 6 studied 'Early Islamic Civilisation' as their topic lessons (history) and after few weeks of research, they compiled these PowerPoint Presentations.

Battle of Badr

Early Islam

Our Rabbits

Latest news about rabbits ... they’ve had babies – 3 to be exact.

Were even naming one after our school, “Ashraf”




Year 5 Apprentice Challenge 2015

The Grand Bread Sale

We at Al Ashraf Primary School are proud to present the winners of the Year 5 Apprentice challenge 2015. The well deserving team called the 'Greek Greeks' took the crown after a whole day of hard work of preparing and selling.

The day began with setting up their stalls which they have designed and constructed during the course of this term and then the baking began! The teams sold during break/lunch and after school. Each team had their own selling and marketing strategy which helped them during the course of the day however the winning team decided to target the staff and took their own initiative to take pizza orders from teachers, thus leading themselves to victory.

The children in year 5 have shown great entrepreneurial spirit and we believe we some budding business men and women in the making. What’s best of all is that Sana Apa didn’t have to fire anyone.

Well Done Year 5

Apprentice Challenge Overview

As part of our DT unit this term, the lovely Sana Apa has set us an Apprentice-style challenge to see which team could raise the most money selling bread.

For this challenge, we have been split into teams and have been allocated different roles. Our tasks so far have been to create a business portfolio including a business plan with a breakdown of costs. We put our brilliant maths skills together to source cost effective ingredients, calculate proportions needed, costs per product and profit margins. After surveying and consulting members of the public (Al-Ashraf children), we've had to devise our own recipes. We trialled out our recipes to see how they turned out. Some of our amazing inventions included Chilli bread and  Ferrero Rocher stuffed bread rolls and Mrs Pandore's favourite- white chocolate and orange bread!

At the end of term, we will hold a bread sale where we will be putting our sales skills to the test! Who will Sana Apa fire? Which team will raise the most money? Who will eat the most bread?

The bread sale is open to all children at Al-Ashraf and if there are any left overs, to parents after school.

Date of sale to be confirmed so please watch this space!

Newspaper Articles - KS2 SATS Results

Year 5 have been writing newspaper articles about last years Year 6 excellent KS2 SATS results, click on the links below to see what some of them had to say.

Ammutullah Hajra
Anaath Masumah
Aqeel MuhammadA
Barakah SafiyyahV