Year 6

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Year 6 Useful Websites For SATS Revision /lookcover.html mentalmachine2.html

Level 6 Maths Games

General Maths

Equations equations1/activity.shtml

Area area/activity.shtml

Fractions /saloonsnap.html

Year 6 Summer Overview

Year 6 Spelling Reminder

In Year 6, pupils are assessed on their spelling ability in a Key Stage Two test (SATs).

Linked here is a table of spelling rules that are taught in previous years and revisited in year 6. Year 6 children are expected to know these rules and be able to use them consistently.


'If you are going to get anywhere in life you have to read a lot of books' (Roald Dahl). READ, READ, READ!!! Click here for recommended year 6 reading material. If you wish to know more about the sort of books your children are reading, you can help them keep a record book, click here.